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Blood Orange – Negro Swan

unnamed-3-1532009237-640x640-1534864119-640x640Devonte Hynes, the UK-born man behind Blood Orange has had a slow growing career over the course of three releases. His third as pseudonymous Blood Orange, Freetown Sound, catapulted him to near-superstar status in the alternative R&B scene. His follow-up, Negro Swan, finds Hynes looking inward–searching for meaning in his own coming-of-age story.

The black swan theory was put forward by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, scholar and statistician, to explain the nature of events that are considered to be huge outliers. These events are extremely rare, but with the knowledge of hindsight their rarity can be easily explained away. In Negro Swan, as Hynes looks backward into his own life, he is not interested in any kind of oversimplification. Continue reading “Blood Orange – Negro Swan”